Exclusive Australian Distributor for Mr Maria!

Exclusive Australian Distributor for Mr Maria!

Team Rhino on 14th Sep 2019

WOW! We are so proud and excited to announce that we are the new exclusive Australian distributor of the stunning Mr Maria range!

We at Rhino Rhino believe in quality, innovative, timeless design for products in the home and especially for our children. Mr Maria products are the absolute embodiment of these characteristics. It is no surprise that since its inception in 2006, that Mr Maria’s lamps have grown rapidly in their popularity not only amongst families but also interior designers, stylists and social media influencers. From the classic Miffy range, to the limited edition collaboration with Line Friends featuring Brown Bear and the numerous gorgeous character lamps and décor, these products have been widely revered and recognised by award organisations, countless magazines, design blogs and books.

As the new exclusive Australia distributor we are incredibly stoked to be able to announce that there is brand spanking new range of small silicone rechargeable lights that have launched this month. They are inspired by Miffy, her dog Snuffy and friend Boris. This is the perfect expansion of the Mr Maria range especially since the Miffy First Light has been so widely celebrated by designers and customers alike, even being awarded for high design

quality with the Internationally recognised prestigious Red Dot Award.We feel incredibly privileged to be able to provide the Australian community with such unique statement pieces for their home, office, design or retail space. We look forward to meeting you all in upcoming design events, baby expos and trade shows to bring to you an ever-expanding range of beautiful products.