Newly launched by Mr Maria- 'First Light: Miffy and Friends' range

Newly launched by Mr Maria- 'First Light: Miffy and Friends' range

Team Rhino on 15th Sep 2019

So exciting! Only a few days ago, Mr Maria launched a new range of First Lights - 'Miffy and Friends'!  This is of course in addition to their award winning Miffy First Light Lamp.  This entire range is available for pre-order, arriving in Oct/Nov 2019.  Please email us at or through our contact us page to arrange a first order.

Let's hear what Mr Maria had to say:

NEW! Please welcome: Boris and Snuffy, together with Miffy they make up the collection ‘miffy and friends’.

Like Miffy, Boris and Snuffy were originally created by Dick Bruna and shaped into Mr Maria nightlights. We even used Bruna’s cheerful colours to help our new friends feel right at home in their new packaging designs. Bringing Miffy’s friends to life is the newest chapter of our 'MrMaria x Miffy' story and our way of once more honouring the beautiful and iconic world once created by Dick Bruna. We will tell you more about each friend the coming days.

Who’s your favorite? Team Boris, Snuffy or Miffy?

Meet Boris!

Dick Bruna created Boris as part of a duo: Boris and Barbara. Boris likes building things and also loves being outside. He’s a bit older than Miffy and can always teach her new things. Mr Maria’s Boris was given the color blue, to symbolise his wise character as well as his love of the outdoors. He’s a patient and happy little character, as peaceful as can be!

Meet Snuffy!

Inspired by his own beloved dog, Dick Bruna created the character Snuffy. Because of her, the colour brown was officially added to the Dick Bruna palette. We chose yellow as the character colour of our Snuffy night light because it suits her playful and adventurous spirit. Don’t you just love her happy, patient smile?

Meet Miffy!

Before Boris and Snuffy, Dick Bruna ofcourse created Miffy. She is curious, innocent and the perfect companion to get to know the world with. For this collection we gave her the character colour orange, an eye catching shade to match her iconic and bright personality and a perfect complement to her two friends. After all those years we still can’t get enough of her little ears and curious eyes and we hope you continue to love her too!